Differences between Poker and Poker Slots

If you play poker or poker slots then you may not see the attraction of playing the alternative version of the game. However, there are some great similarities between the games in that you will still need similar hands to win and so the poker skill you have from either game will translate to the other and so if you know how to play one you will be able to play the other. However, there are some main differences.

When you play poker slots, you are playing against the computer, rather than real contestants. There are poker games where you play against the computer too but you would normally play against real contestants. Some people like the idea of this and others do not, so you will have to consider which will suit you the best.

poker slots

With poker slots, you spin the reel like in a normal slots game, but get paid if you get a poker winning hand. These will differ depending on the specific game that you are playing but would normally include a royal flush, flush, straight, three of a kind etc. You need to find out which will pay out and how much so that you can decide which ones to go for. Continue reading “Differences between Poker and Poker Slots”

Why Choose Online Casinos?

Online casinos offer an enormous volume and diversity of casino games. One single casino can offer you Baccarat, Blackjack, Keno, Lottery, Online Bingo, Online Craps, Poker, Slots, Video Poker and lots more, so by selecting the right site you will have all your gaming needs catered for without having to constantly change sites. Not only will you find a huge range of online games but also a huge variety of each type of game. Take online slots for example, you will find that the casinos we mention here offer up to and in excess of 300 different slots games but this isn’t exclusive to slots. Most of the games on offer through the casinos we have reviewed have multiple play options. This in contrast to land-based casinos is a much wider range of gaming options and all from the comfort of your own house.

Choose Online Casinos

Online casinos offer a better return on your money for several reasons. Two of the main reasons are Internet casinos have much lower overheads than land based casinos and online casinos have no restrictions on how many people they can get through their doors. Most land based casinos are restricted by the number of people within the catchment area of the casino as well as how many people they can physically fit through their doors, as a result their profits are limited, which results in a lower payout percentage being required to ensure the casino makes a profit. Continue reading “Why Choose Online Casinos?”

How to benefit from Casino Bonuses

There are many online casinos which offer bonuses to players and it is worth knowing more about them and the best way to take advantage of them. Usually the best bonuses are offered to new players and as you will need to start by joining up with a casino you have not played with before. It is worth noting that some companies own several casinos and so if you sign up to more than one of their sites, you are likely to only be allowed the bonus once. If the best bonuses are only available to new players, you will need to sign up to a lot of different casinos in order to make the most of them.

It is important to understand how the bonus works though, before you sign up. You will usually have to credit a certain amount of money and then you will be given a bonus. The value of your bonus may be determined by how much you deposit. You may also find that you need to spend your entire bonus before you are allowed to cash out any prize money you have won. It is worth checking whether there are any restrictions on cashing out such as a minimum amount needed to be in your account. These will vary between the different places that you play and so you will need to check with each one. It may be annoying but it is worth it. Continue reading “How to benefit from Casino Bonuses”

How to improve your video poker winnings

Playing online poker can often be a little daunting. Joining a table of other players whether you’re in the real world or are utilizing online poker video streams can be a nervous experience. The pressure of being faced with other real opponents can often be too much, and you’ll find yourself nervous and making mistakes. Video poker is a great alternative to mainstream poker if you want to indulge in this popular card game without the stress of pulling a poker face and trying to compete against other players with vast experience. And, if you want to improve your chances of winning, there are ten top steps to take.

1. Learn the Game

This may sound obvious, but learning video poker thoroughly before you start putting in large wagers is the best way to improve your winnings. If you don’t know the game well, you could lose large bets on simple errors which you could have easily been avoided. So, it is essential to not throw yourself in the deep end, and first take a moment to understand the rules, regulations, and how video poker differs from table poker.

video poker

2. Understand Video Poker Differences

Whilst video poker allows you to enjoy the popular game of poker there are, understandably, some important differences. As a slot title, it has many aspects which are traditional to the slot game, including betting. You’ll normally find that you can wager between one and five credits, or simply opt for the max bet by pushing the appropriate button. After selecting your wager amount, the cards will be then dealt, with you able to have any discarded cards re-dealt for your final hand.

3. Maximizing Winnings

Each casino which you play video poker at will have slightly different payouts for certain hands. It is important that you know these when you start to play, because it may help you make certain decisions in which cards to discard when opting for your final hand. There is also the chance to ‘double up’ if you win. In this case, both you and the video slot will pick a card. If you have the higher value, you’ll double your winnings for that particular hand, making your win all the more enjoyable.

4. Chance Wins vs. Strategy

Whilst real table poker is often more about strategy than it is chance, with you often being able to bluff a poor hand to a win, video poker is solely about chance. You have no opportunity to bluff your way through, and so you should always consider your card options very carefully. It is only on the strategy of what you do with your hand which can get you the winnings you want, so there is no chance to win by simply outdoing other players. Continue reading “How to improve your video poker winnings”

Slot Games: A brief history

Slot machines have been around in their various forms for well over a century. In fact, a contraption that resembles what we know today as a slot machine was first created back in 1891.

In a very snowy, Brooklyn, New York 1891, a couple of gentlemen named Pitt and Sittman put their heads together and came up with the machine that would pave the way to what slot machines would develop into over the coming century.

The machine the two men created took the form of a one-arm bandit. It housed five spinning drums which held up to 50 playing cards. This original format was far from the sort of slot games available today with their fancy music, bright lights and animations. This was more akin to a one-player poker game, where a player would insert a coin (most likely a nickel), pull the lever and wait to see which cards lined up on the drums and thus, what hand they would present.

As is true of the modern machines, the beauty of this original creation was that the odds could be manipulated. By removing the ten of spades and the jack of hearts the odds of winning a royal flush would double in favour of the house.

Due to technological limitations, this early machine did not have the facility to payout winnings; therefore it would be a case of the machine being located near a bar and a player being able to claim something for free as their reward for the winning line up of cards.

The presence of these machines spread like wildfire across bars in New York and soon players were gambling small change in the hope of landing a good poker hand which they would excitedly exchange for a pint, or whatever prize the house had advertised.

The glory days of this original machine were limited. At the hands of a different inventor, who no doubt had observed the invention of Pitt and Sittman loomed a new machine, a superior one.

Charles Fey’s machine would swap the playing cards for symbols and would reduce the amount of reels to just three with a total of just five symbols. This alteration would vastly reduce the number of winning combinations and thus make it much easier to advertise winning combinations.


Amongst the symbols that Fey devised was the Bell that he would choose to incorporate in the name of his machine. Somewhere between 1887 and 1895, the ‘Liberty Bell’ was launched.

Fey’s invention is credited as being the first slot machine to comprise of a mechanical payout system, with the highest payout being a princely ten nickels.

Liberty Bell was a raging success and predictably, ignited the interest of a great number of businessmen who in turn setup companies creating similar machines, thus starting the slot machine industry.

In 1907 Herbert Mills of Chicago developed his own take on the machine, which he named, ‘Operator Bell’. This machine would take over from the Liberty Bell in terms of popularity and would become commonplace in the majority of pubs, clubs and barbershops.

Nowadays slot games are available in many different forms in many of the places the original games would have once called home. The main difference now is technology. Advances in this area have made it possible to play these classic games online, on computerised machines and even on mobile phones. Here’s to the next century of slot machines!

Roulette, the ‘little wheel’ turned global phenomenon

Roulette is a popular game, a staple in every casino throughout the world, a game with an aura of glamour and class. This perception is perhaps afforded by numerous cultural references in films such as the Bond franchise. After all, James Bond had his very own Roulette strategy as described in a book by Ian Flemming. But there are many other things most of us do not know about this popular game.

james bond playing roulette

Thai food and Indian cuisine are both equally brilliant, but put them together and you get something sublime! And as such, like many great inventions, roulette was not likely to have been a brand new idea in its entirety, but more a coming together, or a ‘fusion’ of many different inventions.

It seems likely that roulette is the love child of a plethora of different games, including Roly-Poly, Ace of Hearts, E.O. and Reiner, all from the family of English wheel games. Aspects seem to have been plucked from each of these games and thrown in the mix with features from the Italian board games Hoca and Biribi, and finally married together with an already existing French board game, called, Roulette!

So it would seem that roulette, a French word defined as ‘little wheel’, has a rich ancestry from very European roots and was conceived sometime during the 17th century. Behind the amalgamation mentioned above, is Blaise Pascal, the creation of this very first, primitive form of roulette is thought to have been little more than a by-product of Pascal’s quest to discover a perpetual motion machine.

The game has been enjoyed for centuries with the earliest known reference been in Paris, in 1796. The game is described in great detail in a book written by Jaques Lablee, published in 1801. Lablee described the game as having ‘exactly two slots reserved for the bank, whence it derives its sole mathematical advantage’.

The only earlier cultural reference that recounts the existence of a game called roulette was in 1758, a book of law for the New France settlement in Quebec, which outlawed a number of games including roulette and its sibling ‘hoca’. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether this early mention refers to the game, as we know it today and as it was indeed known in 1796.

The popularity of the game increased slowly over the 18th and 19th century and even during the earlier parts of the 20th century. A casino in Monaco and one in Vegas were the only establishments known to offer the game in the early years of the 20th century. It was not until during the 1970’s that the popularity of the game exploded.

The rise in popularity can largely be attributed to the rapid rise in the number of casinos that popped up across the globe. Nowadays it is thought that there are thousands of casinos around the world offering variations of roulette.

In the 1990’s to 2000’s roulette took the leap from the casino floors to the virtual surroundings of online casinos and even to betting shops and bingo halls as an ‘onscreen’ gaming experience. Even some online bingo sites, like Rocket Bingo or Mecca Bingo offer roulette alongside their bingo games.

As a result of interactive television roulette now has a home on certain TV channels, where the audience is invited to swap their role from mere viewers to fully fledged game players.

The most recent event in roulettes long spanning story is the games rise to popularity on mobile devices. We now see roulette is enjoyed on mobile devices and it has even been suggested the game may find a new home on a high tech wrist watch by Apple. What will come after this? Place your bets!

The Online Slot Machines Head to the Movies

The world of the online slot machine is an area where game developers can thrive with their ingenuity. But sometimes it pays to just let the power of the product do the job for you. The movie industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. The stars get paid millions, the movies gross billions and the net result is a lot of happy punters around the world.

These day’s movies are franchises and their debut in the cinema often results in a plethora of other related merchandise, and the gambling sector is no different. Movies make for great slot machine themes as they attract the loyal fans of the movie itself. Here are just a few of the gems of our time that are available at online casinos for consumers to try to beat the odds and win some cash.

#1 Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four was released in 2005 and starred Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis as the super hero outfit Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. It was one of many releases from the world of Marvel Comics that has so far seen one sequel hit the screens when the Rise of the Silver Surfer debuted in 2007. We can see the reboot of this great movie in theaters now, so hit those slot machines as soon as possible.

#2 Rocky

Rocky slot

The 1976 underdog classic, written by, and starring, Sylvester Stallone, is an iconic movie of our time and it translates wonderfully well to the world of slots. The original movie won three Oscars including best picture and has since seen many sequels hit the silver screen.

#3 Superman

Superman slot

With the eagerly awaiting ‘Man of Steel’ set to smash through our screens sometime in the future, the DC Comics star Superman is another great slot machine theme. Christopher Reeve brought Clark Kent to our silver screen when the original movie debuted in 1978 and it has spawned many derivatives of the same theme ever since.

Scratch Cards are Making a Comeback

Instant win, scratch cards, win-nows… whatever you call them, they are absolutely red hot this fall for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, today’s casino player is always on the hunt for something new, colorful, and interesting. If it can actually help them win extra money, then they’re all for it. If you want to add more fun to your list, then you have to check out new scratch card games.

They have plenty of different themes, just like slot games. The difference is that the mechanism works a little differently. You might have a pull tab or you might have some sort of gray area that you scratch off with a virtual coin. You can get a lot for scratch cards to play at once, or you can just use the scratch cards as you see fit. It’s completely up to you, but we think this is a great option.

Scratch Cards

Like slot games, you can find scratch card games at most online casinos. It’s important that you continue to look around for the best sources of entertainment. You’re already at home, so why not use your internet connection to have a good time.

Now, at this point, you might play some games and enjoy them. That’s always something that makes us happy, but you might wonder how to take the fun with you. If you can use the mobile casino apps, you can take the fun with you. Not every casino has a separate app interface for Android and iOS, but a lot of them have a mobile web interface that isn’t too bad. It’ll allow you to still access the casino, play the games, and even win a little money.

Finding the best casino for the mobile interface is just like finding one for the desktop. You might have to sift through a few reviews, but it’s all going to be worth it in the end. Make sure that you get started right now, while it’s on your mind!

A Renewed Look at Casino Games

Ready to pass the time in style? You don’t have to jump in your car or try to hit some crowded venue anymore. You can find all of the entertainment that you could ever want by going to your computer and checking out all of the computer games online. Of course, we’re not talking about just any computer games. We’re talking about gambling for real money, with your choice of poker, bingo, slots, roulette, and more.

If you’ve been away from the gambling world online for a while, that’s totally okay. Not sure how to get back in? That’s where we come in.

Casino Games

There have been a ton of new slots and even new tournaments coming out for people to go head to head with likeminded players, with prizes that are just too good to pass up. Be sure that you’re looking at where you used to play, but also keeping your options open. There are great promotions going right now, because the seasons are changing. With every change in season a new population comes in, and they’re all ready to see how much money they can win. If you’re used to strategy based gambling games, you could make a lot of money tapping into that new crowd without feeling guilty about it. Hey, if they’re not as good at poker as you are, is that really your fault? Of course not.

If you’re going to play at a different place, it never hurts to look up some reviews. This is common sense, but sometimes it’s hard to slow down when you see a great promotion that you don’t want to miss out on. But the nice thing about the casino industry online is that there’s always some sort of giveaway or bonus prize being put on the table for you, so there’s really no rush. Continue reading “A Renewed Look at Casino Games”