3 Benefits of Watching Poker Strategy Videos

Of all the tools available online for helping us improve at poker, videos are probably my favourite. There’s a big distinction between watching WSOP videos from years ago and current training material though. The old videos are only valuable as entertainment. As a means of improving, the best poker coaching sites offer their own poker training videos membership. This usually comes in the form of monthly subscription or annual fee. In this article I’m going to share three benefits to them.

Learning from experts quickly

One of the great things about watching training videos is that you’re learning from experts. Yes, there are some things we can learn through experience, but experience takes time. Watching an expert articulate strategy and tips concisely is very helpful. It saves us time and possibly money too. Most experts are humble enough to admit they’re not perfect and this is reflected in their videos. This is refreshing and gives a personal touch – more than an online course offers.


Most poker training sites offer competitive prices nowadays. Due to the explosion of streaming devices like Twitch and YouTube, the coaching sites have slashed prices to reel in customers. This makes them incredibly valuable. After all, most free videos you find online are either old, irrelevant or poor coaching material. If you scan the Twitch channels there are few that actually offer good quality poker strategy. Most are only used for entertainment purposes.

Compliment study

Most serious poker players dedicate time to study and watching poker strategy videos is a great way to compliment study. It allows the viewer to see through the eye of another. Sometimes we’re wrapped in our own thoughts that we may miss important aspects of a game. By watching and taking notes how other players think, we will enhance our own skillset and hopefully improve our poker win rate too.