Award-Winning Gaming Software Company Pioneers a New Way to Play

Creators of the world’s first online casino and its software have crafted a new type of game very far removed from the usual bingo and video slots. Rather than having the focus placed on winning, they have designed a game where the primary objective is to have fun.

Microgaming is reinventing the way players interact with games and as usual, are setting the standards for responsible and fair gaming.

Remarkably Refreshing Gaming

The Poke Guy Slot is nothing like your typical game that you’d find at sites like Slot Games, featuring none of the expected scatters, wild spins and rotating reels. Instead, the emphasis is on entertainment and this light-hearted release has more in common with the classic flash games than any of the modern-day alternatives.

The premise of this fun and very silly game is to take on The Guy, a dark and menacing figure who has been plaguing the city for a while now and you have taken it upon yourself to play the hero and pit your wits and weapons against him.

There are no winning combos and multipliers here and no option to ‘double your winnings’. Rather, it is your role to try and hit this terrifying figure with one of the bizarre weapons present in your arsenal. You can choose from a vicious piranha and a rubber duck, as well as some more typically deadly implements such a knife.

Landing a blow to your target will score you some points and earn you some cash but it is easy to forget the gambling element of the game. With its playful graphics and cartoonish animations, it has all the gameplay you would expect from an arcade game and not a casino slot.

Winning Combination 

So how exactly can you win in the Poke Guy Slot? With no symbols to match and reels to spin you would be forgiven in thinking that this is not a slot game at all.

Players have to strike the target with any of the weapons provided and increasing the amount you bet will not increase your chances of winning, making this a truly innovative and responsible way to gamble.

If you do happen to knock your target out, you will earn a multiplier on the bet that caused it which can vary between 2x and 500 x. These multipliers are rewarded at random and again there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of getting a 500x.

Truly Unique Experience

Microgaming’s new release has the ability to change the landscape of the online gaming industry. By shifting the focus away from winning a jackpot or a cash prize, they are reinforcing the message that gaming should be fun first and foremost. Gaming sites with Microgaming slots, like, are now boasting this game for their players.

With an increased awareness in recent months of gambling awareness and the problems associated with online gambling addiction, it is refreshing to see prominent casino software developers leading by example and creating responsible and fun ways to have fun while gambling.