Why Choose Online Casinos?

Online casinos offer an enormous volume and diversity of casino games. One single casino can offer you Baccarat, Blackjack, Keno, Lottery, Online Bingo, Online Craps, Poker, Slots, Video Poker and lots more, so by selecting the right site you will have all your gaming needs catered for without having to constantly change sites. Not only will you find a huge range of online games but also a huge variety of each type of game. Take online slots for example, you will find that the casinos we mention here offer up to and in excess of 300 different slots games but this isn’t exclusive to slots. Most of the games on offer through the casinos we have reviewed have multiple play options. This in contrast to land-based casinos is a much wider range of gaming options and all from the comfort of your own house.

Choose Online Casinos

Online casinos offer a better return on your money for several reasons. Two of the main reasons are Internet casinos have much lower overheads than land based casinos and online casinos have no restrictions on how many people they can get through their doors. Most land based casinos are restricted by the number of people within the catchment area of the casino as well as how many people they can physically fit through their doors, as a result their profits are limited, which results in a lower payout percentage being required to ensure the casino makes a profit.

A lot of people don’t like the hustle and bustle of land-based casinos. Often you can wait for an age to either get served a drink at the bar or to get on your favourite games. If there is a lot of people you can very easily feel claustrophobic, be knocked around even have your personal property or chips stolen from you by highly skilled thieves.

By contrast online casinos don’t suffer any of these problems. Walk to the fridge and your cold drink is waiting for you. Go online and head straight to your chosen casino and I guarantee you your favourite game will be available 24/7. No crowds to fight through and no one around to steal your chips.

Other benefits to online gambling are the loyalty programs. Typically they are a lot more generous than land based casinos so put quite simply your dollar goes a lot further.

I don’t know about you but I have often wondered how much money I have bet with casinos and if I am in the black or the red. This is a very difficult thing to keep a track of normally but online you can simply click a button and see exactly what you have won and lost for the entire life time of your playing days.

How we Test an Online Casino We Recommend here

We download every casino and spend many hard hours of playing the games to ensure that your playing experience will be the best possible found anywhere on the internet.

We test the support team by providing them with a problem, we then gauge their response time and speed of solving the problems and access them accordingly.

We check that their banking systems are 100% secure as well as making deposits and withdraws to ensure everything goes smoothly.

To save you the time and effort of searching the internet high and low to find the best casino bonuses we have direct contact with the casino operates and post any new bonuses as soon as we are informed.

We check that the casinos are affiliated with the governing bodies that they claim to be.

We confirm that any claims of fair play auditing are accurate and the certification they are displaying is one of a known and accredited organisation.

The Dos Of Online Casinos

Make sure you comply with the laws in your jurisdiction.

Have Fun
Never gamble because you are trying to win back money you have lost. Always gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Check out which casino to play by reading the article we publish here.

Check that any sensitive data you send goes via a secure system. In this era of internet technology there is no need for you to risk your personal information getting stolen online. Any good site will have 100% secure encrypted systems for all information to be sent.

Test the online support they offer. A simpel test and one I would highly recommend is to check what details and ID the casino requires from you before you can make a withdraw, often people think they have given all the details they need when they signed up but in a lot of instances this is not the case and the casino is required to ask you for further information before they can process your claim.

Check the Online Casino Bonuses available at different sites and playthrough requirements.

Play Money
A great feature with online casinos is the ability to try out the casino using play money (a feature you definitely won’t find at a land based casino). You can test every aspect of the casino without actually spending any money before you make your decision to play for real.

Percentage Payouts
All good online casino will publish their percentage payouts and usually this will be done on a monthly basis and verified by an independent body. You may well be surprised at just how high the payouts percentages are, this is simply because online casinos aren’t governed by the same financial rules as land-based casinos.

Download Or Flash
We would recommend always using the download version of a casino. Key reasons for this are the download version has far more options available to the player, greater game choice and better graphics.

Make sure you totally understand all the rules of the game you are playing and use any strategic software available to optimise your winnings.

The Donts Of Online Casinos

Change Casino
It may seem like a good idea to constantly change the casino you play at in order to utilise the sign up bonuses, however these bonuses are designed to afford you a bit of casino time at no expense to you, they are also designed to cost the casino a minimum amount of money too. We are all aware nothing in life is for free. The reality is that by sticking to one or two casinos you will be enrolled in their loyalty program enabling you to get the maximum value from your money. Being a loyal customer will also ensure you receive regular promotions and offers from your casino further enhancing your experience.

Gambling should always be played with money you can afford to lose. As the odds suggest, over a period of time you are more likely going to lose than win, therefore it is imperative that you gamble for entertainment purposed only. It is a sad fact that several of us develop a gambling problem. What starts out as a bit of fun becomes an extremely intense, expensive and potentially life destroying habit. YOU ARE NOT ALONE but the hardest step for anyone in this situation is to make the first call to get some professional help. Rarely do people kick the habit on their own before they have done some irreparable damage to their finances, social or family life. If you are at all concerned about the amount of time or money you spend gambling don’t hesitate in contacting someone who can help. Trust me when I say you will feel 100% better once you start talking to someone.

Play Without Research
Sadly there will always be people who want to take advantage of you and often these people will disguise themselves as reputable companies in an environment where there is a lot of competition. There is a lot of competition in the Online Casinos business and subsequently there are several disreputable companies who will attempt to defraud you. This is why it is essential you research your intended casino properly and one of the best ways to do this quickly and with confidence is to check out the listings at a reputable casino blog like gamesforum.eu. Sites like this have done all the leg work for you, so once you find a review site you trust, simply go to their review pages, choose your casino and enjoy the games.